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Wildcat Dollars can be used off-campus!


Wildcat Dollars is an optional spending account operated by the College Association at Utica/Rome and is accessed through your SUNYIT ID Card (SUNYIT Card). Wildcat Dollars may be used on campus (retail dining, the bookstore or selected vending machines) and at participating off campus vendors. Wildcat Dollars can be added to your SUNYIT Card in one of three ways:

  • Via the website - register on line to add money to your Wildcat Dollars account. Add as little as $10.00 up to $100.00 in $10.00 increments and up to $500.00 in $20.00 increments for amounts over $100.00 using a credit card or a bank debit card.

  • Via Cash, Check, or Credit/Debit Card - visit the College Association Office in Kunsela Hall - Room A217.

  • Via Student Accounts - At the start of each semester, Wildcat Dollars may be purchased online through Banner Web - Student Services - Wildcat Dollars. An optional charge can be requested to be added to the student's account in an amount equal to the available excess financial aid on the account up to a maximum amount of $600.00 (the financial aid cost of attendance for books and supplies). This option is not available if the student does not have excess financial aid. This process replaces the book voucher process.

The optional spending account is a fully refundable program. Your payment to add Wildcat Dollars to your SUNYIT Card places a cash balance for purchasing convenience on your SUNYIT Card. Wildcat Dollars cannot be accessed for cash advances at any of the on campus or off campus merchants that accept Wildcat Dollars as payment. See below for the cash refund policy. If you return merchandise purchased with Wildcat Dollars, a credit will be placed on your account increasing the cash balance on the card by the amount of the refund. Cash refunds for returns will not be issued. All purchases made with Wildcat Dollars are subject to sales tax where applicable.

Your balance in your Wildcat Dollars account can carry forward from semester to semester. A Partial or Full refund of any unused balance can be requested after the completion of the first two weeks of classes by submitting a written request to the College Association Card Office in Kunsela Hall, Room A217 ( The written request must include your name, Student ID (U#) number, home address, balance to be refunded, and your signature. If submitted via email, the request must be sent from your College at SUNYIT email account. All cash refunds will be processed within one business day of the request after the completion of the first two weeks of classes.

Management of your account is easy using You can review your account activity over the last six months on a 24/7 basis. You can also add to your account at any time.

Look where you can use Wildcat Dollars off-campus!

Applebee's Website
300 Riverside Drive Utica, NY 13502 -- 315-735-0421

CVS #05030 Website
1475 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203 -- 518-482-8759

DiBellas Old Fashioned Submarine Website
1235 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203 -- 518-459-9559

Dunkin Donuts Website
9827 River Road Utica, NY 13502 -- 315-724-6830

Rite Aid #00638
208 Herkimer Rd Utica, NY 13502 -- 315-735-6081

Rite Aid #00639
1924 Genesee St Utica, NY 13502 -- 315-792-9595

Rite Aid #00642
141 Oriskany Blvd Whitesboro, NY 13492 -- 315-736-4943

Rite Aid #10774
4854 Commercial Dr New Hartford, NY 13413 -- 315-736-5232

Rite Aid #10781
1503 Genesee St Utica, NY 13501 -- 315-724-6504

Rite Aid #10782
1143 Mohawk St Utica, NY 13501 -- 315-724-1717

O'Scugnizzo Pizzeria
(North Utica Shopping Center) 50 Auert Ave Utica, NY 13502 -- 315-266-0450

Stewarts #361
220 Utica Rd Clinton, NY 13323 -- 315-853-1435

Stewarts #434
9566 Main St Holland Patent, NY 13354 -- 315-865-9907

More merchants coming soon!